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    Delphi Programming
    16 and 32 programs
    tcp/ip, serial
    user interface
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    Hospitality Industry Programs
    Interfacing Toshiba and Telronics telephone switches with hospitality programs from Capa, Mitel, MegaSys, and others.
    Automate voice mail box setup, turning on/off room extensions and setting class of service.  Set and make wake up multiple calls. Call recorord capture and call accounting. Housekeeping service tracking.
    current programs        custom programming

    Web Site Development
    From a simple web page to a large complex multifaceted site, SkyIsland Systems can design and construct a variety of website types.
    From fast loading informative sites to the multi theme commercial sites.
    Sites developed include travel sites for hotel reservation, and vacation planning to "The Nature Site" a wealth of information, photos and more on nature, the environment, birding, the outdoors, and university course sites,  email and webhosting.
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    Hospitality email addresses 
    @YourVacation.TO such as SunAndSurf@YourVacation.TO.
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    www.YourVacation.To/Paradise could be your web address. URL forwarding, page and site hosting, advertisements and links.  All at 

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