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    page still being developed,
    not all programs listed yet.
    and more details to come

    1. Wake-up call program and scheduler.
    2. SMDR capture and transfer
    3. Front Desk Console. User interface to check in/check out, set class of service for all extensions in a unit, turn on voice mail box, load names into switch directory, and voice mail directory.
      Accepts data packets from hospitality management programs to manage room extensions and VM boxes unattended.
    4. VM Check In. User interface to turn off or on voicemail boxes and enter occupant name. accepts data packet from hospitality management programs to manage VM boxes un-attended.
    5. WinSwitch - program to accept commands from other SkyIsland System programs, Capa, or Teleco property mangement programs, and many other hospitality packages to interface control of the Toshiba or Teltronics switches. Turn extensions on/off, set class of service, make backups of switch database, and more.


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